History Repeats Itself – Winners Only Club


Being a Bills fan, I am happy to see another good coach leave the AFC East. Unfortunately it’s another opportunity for a team to steal one of our rock star coordinators in Lesile Frazier and Brian Daboll. Brian Flores, however, is a coach that should be widely regarded around the league. Flores is departing the team after starting the season 1-7 and then finishing 9-8 which is missing the playoffs by half of a game to the Steelers. The team was very much alive until a week 17 loss which had brought the team to 8-8 before winning the season finale in a matchup with the New England Patriots. This reminds me so much of 2012 when the Chicago Bears fired then head coach, Lovie Smith, after going 10-6 and missing the playoffs on a tie breaker which came to the final game of the season when AP broke into the 2000 yard rushing club against the rival Green Bay Packers. Probably the only time a Bears fan was cheering for a Packers victory.

2012 Chicago Bears 2021 Miami Dolphins
Points Per Game 23.4 (16th in the league) 20.0 (22nd in the league)
Points Against Per Game 17.3 (3rd in the league) 21.9 (14th in the league)
Yards Per Game 310.6 (28th in the league) 307 (25th in the league)
Yards Against Per Game 315.6 (5th in the league) 337.5 (15th in the league)
Time Per Drive 2:37 (14th in the league) 2:47 (18th in the league)
Time Per Drive Against 2:21 (2nd in the league) 2:39 (7th in the league)
Standings 10-6 (3rd in NFC North) 9-8 (3rd in AFC East)
*In 2021, the NFL season was extended from 16 to 17 games and now takes 7 playoff teams opposed to 6 as of 2020*

So what the stats really end up showing is while this was a major surprise that Flores is not returning, it honestly is amazing more people aren’t on top of the Bears management for the decision to move on from Smith after a season like this. The Bears since this event have had three head coaches in 9 seasons with 2 playoff appearances (Marc Trestman 2012-2013, John Fox 2015-2017, and Matt Nagy 2018-2021) and are now in the market again. Dolphins fans need to really hope that management isn’t making the same mistake as the Bears setting the franchise back for the next 10 seasons.


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