Alexander Zverev Won More Games Than Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal In 2018 | ATP Tour

The 1,000 game club had only one member in 2018 – Alexander Zverev. The 21-year-old German had the best season of his emerging career last year, collecting four titles (including the Nitto ATP Finals), a 58-19 record and north of $7.7 million in prize money.

An Infosys ATP Beyond The Numbers analysis of games won both serving and returning in the 2018 season identifies that Zverev just clipped the 1,000-games won milestone, reaching 1,006.

2018 Season: Leading 10 Players Total Games Won

Zverev won four titles in 2018 (Nitto ATP Finals, Washington, ATP Masters 1000 in Madrid and Munich), winning a total of 58 matches, which just edged his 2017 win total of 55.

Kevin Anderson finished second in total games won in 2018, just 10 behind Zverev, at 996, and won the most games on serve for the year.

2018 Season: Top 3 Service Games Won
Kevin Anderson = 847
John Isner = 805
Stefanos Tsitsipas = 783

Zverev won the most return games in 2018 with 252. He finished eighth overall in 2018 on the ATP Stats Return LEADERBOARD, powered by Infosys Nia Data, with a 154.3 rating, and was 16th best on tour last year on the ATP Stats Return LEADERBOARD, powered by Infosys Nia Data, with a 278.5 rating.

2018 Season: Top 3 Return Games Won
Alexander Zverev = 252
Novak Djokovic = 246
Fabio Fognini = 236

When you boil our sport down to its simplest level, it’s all about holding serve and breaking serve. At 6’6”, Zverev provides such a tough matchup for opponents because players at that height typically show a lot more prowess serving than returning.

Zverev actually has better metrics on the return side of the equation, making him the total package and a dominant force in our sport for years to come.

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